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TRAUMA KILLS. In the immediate aftermath of an active threat bystanders become the CRITICAL LINK between life and death. Teachers, students, co-workers, passersby, and non-medical first responders have played a crucial role in saving lives. Our First Care Provider trauma care seminar gives you the basic skills to bridge the gap between time of injury and definitive care. Learn to identify and treat the 4 major causes of death from trauma . FIRST THERE, FIRST CARE.

First Aid/CPR/AED

Whether you work in healthcare, daycare, K-12 education, Elderly care, or simply need First Aid/CPR or Blood Borne Pathogen training for your employer or employees, Situation Ready can handle your needs.  Customizable courses for your particular situation brought to your location at competitive prices.  Down to earth, real world instruction by experienced professionals.



With over 25 years of Fire and EMS experience, Situation Ready knows the importance of a third party to view your organizations challenges from the outside.  From SOP/SOG development, critique moderation, pre-plan construction, and target hazard evaluation, we have the knowledge and ability to provide you with measurable and useable results.


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